What happens in a session?

The moment of your birth is a snapshot of your life. The seed from which everything unfolds.


Using the time, date and place of birth, an astrological chart will be drawn up that is uniquely and specifically YOU. In thousands of years this pattern is never repeated, as it is with any life.


Chris takes time before the session to observe your chart, looking for patterns and themes, as well as meditating on an overview of the whole person as described by the stars.


As Chris practices a person-centered approach (see Carl Rogers), the session begins with a conversation about what is occurring in your world and whether you have any intentions. This way the information from the chart can be most effectively used to help your process at that particular moment in time.


The discussion naturally and seamlessly leads into the chart and the themes through the symbolic language of astrology. Rather than using the closed language of labels and stereotypes, Chris encourages you to open your mind to alternative ways to use the archetypal energy available in the chart by using myth, stories, imagination and open language.


Although the planets move through our skies, the information is very grounded, useful and practical for all facets of life. As the session moves on there is often a sense of calm as new possibilities begin to emerge and answers to questions synchronistically appear.


You will receive your charts at the end of the session with a simplified version so that you can read and research the chart on your own. A recording of the session and a soft copy of the chart will also be sent to you following the session.

Craniosacral Therapy
What happens in a treatment?

The treatment begins in conversation, discussing a brief history, including any past injuries or surgeries.


Chris’ holistic approach means the the whole person is involved, including physical symptoms, life events and emotional states.


The client is guided through breathing

techniques, allowing the body’s natural wisdom to be heard.


Chris makes light contact in different areas of the body in order to listen deeply into the state of the system. Conversation between Chris and the client is encouraged here in order to get a more complete understanding of what is moving and on what level.


Sometimes, however, the ‘tide’ of BCST takes over, the nervous system settles, and the client moves into a deep state of relaxation and restoration.


At the completion of the session there is further discussion in order to integrate the changes that have occurred. A client will often have ‘heard’ their system in a way that was previously foreign to them, and this is where changes in lifestyle and behaviour patterns can naturally start to shift in everyday life.


The real beauty of this work is its simplicity. From the outside only a light touch is being applied. Internally this listening can create profound and lasting changes to overall health and wellness.

A treatment plan will be formulated following the initial assessment, which can involve follow up sessions to stay on track with the holistic healing process and working with the body's inherent physician.


"This is what your session felt like to me. I was just reflecting on things and words weren't satisfying, so I drew."

-- Meta Setiawan



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